Gymnastics is one of the most beautiful, dynamic, spectacular and popular sports. It is part of the Olympic Games program, the world and European championships are constantly held, World Cup competitions and other prestigious international tournaments. The history of this sport concerns not only athletes, but also millions of spectators – all those who find in it a magnificent spectacle of beauty, grace, strength and dexterity. And it began more than one hundred and twenty years ago.

Gymnastics is a sport that includes competitions where sportsman uses the gymnastic apparatus, free exercises and vault. In the modern program of gymnastic all-around, there are mandatory and arbitrary exercises: for women – on uneven bars of different heights, vaults, floor exercises; For men – floor exercises, vaults, rings, bars and crossbar.

Gymnastic exercises were a part of the physical education system in ancient Greece, served as a means of training young men to participate in the Olympic Games. Since the end of the 18th century – the beginning of the 19th century in Western European systems of physical education were used exercises on gymnastic apparatus, vaults.

There are 14 sets of Olympic medals in the gymnastics. Especially in gymnastics is valued the gold medal for absolute primacy – for the result of performances in all separate kinds of all-around. It is also considered honorable to perform for the first time an element that later will be called the performer’s name.